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Reps 'N' Rounds Basic

A simple round and rep counting app for Apple Watch. 

Currently in beta testing. Please contact us if you're interested in taking part.

Main Features

  • Suitable for workouts with a fixed number of rounds in addition to timed workouts where the aim is to complete as many rounds as possible in a given time period.

  • The main workout screen includes elapsed time as well as current heart rate as measured by Apple Watch.

  • Basic workout metrics such as energy expended and average heart rate are saved to the Fitness app on the paired iPhone.

  • The round and rep counts of the most recent workouts are saved to Apple Watch.

Reps 'N' Rounds Free Launch screen

Launch Screen

Tap the blue Play button to immediately start an open workout, for example, one with a time limit but an open number of rounds and reps.


Main Workout Screen (Open)

Tap the round and rep counters to increment the respective counters. The crown can also be rotated to quickly increase or decrease the rep count.

Reps 'N' Rounds Free main workout screen

Swipe right to bring up the Controls screen which will allow you to pause and resume the workout. Pausing stops the workout timer and prevents incrementing of the counters.

Reps 'N' Rounds Free summary screen (part 1)
Reps 'N' Rounds Free summary screen (part 2)
Reps 'N' Rounds Free summary screen (part 3)

Summary Screen

Press End on the Controls screen to bring up the Summary screen as shown here. Scroll down to see all data and also the Done button which will return you to the main Launch screen upon tapping.


Main Workout Screen (Fixed)

Workouts with a fixed (ie preset) number of rounds can be selected by tapping the Fixed Rounds toggle on the initial Launch screen. Either tap the Fixed Rounds box or rotate the crown to select the number of rounds.


The main Workout screen for a fixed workout lacks a rep counter and will count down from the selected number of rounds. When the counter reaches zero (0), the workout is automatically finished.

Reps 'N' Rounds Free Launch screen (fixed rounds set)
Reps 'N' Rounds Free main workout screen (fixed rounds)
Reps 'N' Rounds Free History screen

History Screen

Tapping the History button on the initial Launch screen displays this History screen. The counts and elapsed time for the most recent workouts are displayed.


System Requirements:

  • Apple Watch Series 4 or later

  • watchOS 9 or above

  • iPhone (for downloading only)

Privacy Policy

Reps 'N' Rounds Free requests access to Health data collected by Apple Watch such as heart rate, energy expended etc during a workout and sends basic workout data back to the paired Apple iPhone. No data is collected by the developer.

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